Frink Applet

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Please be patient. The applet is about 822 kB and will take about 90 seconds to load with a 56 kb/s modem. (It's only 270 kB if you're using Java 1.5 or later, thanks to pack200 compression.)

Error loading the Java applet above? Get a recent version of Java (Version 1.5.0 update 2 or later is very strongly recommended due to bugs in previous versions) or use the Minimal Interface. Please let me know if you have difficulties (or success) using the applet.

When this document loads, you will be asked if you want to trust the applet. This is necessary for real-time currency conversion, language translations, and finding historical values of the dollar and British Pound. If you deny permission, most of Frink will still work, but these functions will not be available, and you will see security warnings if you try to use them. Please read the security notes for more information.

The certificate is signed only by me, so you will see a warning. If you want to send me the $400 (every year!) to buy a Java signing certificate from VeriSign, I can remove this warning. But it'll work exactly the same as it does now.

Copyright 1999-2016, Alan Eliasen