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pied := frenchfoot [Half of the hashimicubit,]
irishcubit := 18 irishinch
romancubit := 18 romaninch [units.]
egyptianroyalcubit := 20.63 in [plus or minus .2 in]
egyptianpalm := 1/7 egyptianroyalcubit
egyptianshortcubit := 6 egyptianpalm
remendigit := 1/40 doubleremen [side length of 1 royal egyptian cubit.]
[the royal cubit.]
greekfeet := greekfoot [Egyptian Royal cubit in [11]. It is]
greekcubit := 1.5 greekfoot [said to be 3/5 of a 20.75 in cubit.]
homericcubit := 20 greekfingers [Elbow to end of knuckles.]
shortgreekcubit := 18 greekfingers [Elbow to start of fingers.]
olympiccubit := 25 remendigit [These olympic measures were not as]
olympicfoot := 2/3 olympiccubit [common as the other greek measures.]
["Northern" cubit and foot. This was used by the pre-Aryan civilization in]
northerncubit := 26.6 in [plus/minus .2 in]
northernfoot := 1/2 northerncubit
sumeriancubit := 495 mm
kus := sumeriancubit
sumerianfoot := 2/3 sumeriancubit
assyriancubit := 21.6 in
assyrianfoot := 1/2 assyriancubit
persianroyalcubit := 7 assyrianpalm
hashimicubit := 25.56 in [Standard of linear measure used]
blackcubit := 21.28 in
arabicfeet := 1/2 blackcubit
arabicmile := 4000 blackcubit
biblicalcubit := 21.8 in
hebrewcubit := 17.58 in

If you don't know what this page is for, please look at the Frink documentation and some sample calculations first.

In this web interface, you can enter any arbitrarily complex Frink expression (see the documentation) in the "From:" box and click "Calculate". If you also enter a value in the "To:" box, it is treated as the right-hand side of a conversion expression (that is, to the right of the conversion operator -> )

Thus, to convert 10 meters to feet, you can enter 10 meters in the "From" box and feet in the "To" box, or, equivalently, type 10 meters -> feet in the "From" box and leave the "To" box empty. It does exactly the same thing.

Didn't find the unit you were looking for? Got "undefined symbol" or other errors? Try reading the FAQ for common issues. Frink is case-sensitive. To find the name Frink uses for an obscure unit, type part or all of the word in the "Lookup" box (in upper- or lower-case; the lookup is not case-sensitive) and click the "Lookup" button, or, better yet, if you're, say, looking for information about the moon, type ??moon in the "From:" box and click the "Calculate" button. See the Integrated Help section of the documentation for more ways to look up units.

Note: You can now set variables in this interface that will last for the duration of your session.

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