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// This contains some routines to test the StandardAtmosphere class, contained
// in the file StandardAtmosphere.frink .

use StandardAtmosphere.frink

defaultAlt = "0 feet"
alt = eval[input["Enter geometric altitude [$defaultAlt]: ", defaultAlt]]

[t,p] = StandardAtmosphere.getTemperatureAndPressure[alt]

println["Temperature is: " + format[t, "K", 3]]
println["Pressure is: " + (p -> "millibars")]

density = StandardAtmosphere.getDensity[alt, t, p]
println["Density is: $density"]

molarMass = StandardAtmosphere.getMolarMass[alt]
println["Molar mass is: $molarMass"]

moleVolume = StandardAtmosphere.getMoleVolume[alt, t, p]
println["Mole volume is: $moleVolume"]

numberDensity = StandardAtmosphere.getNumberDensity[alt, t, p]
println["Number density is: $numberDensity"]

meanSpeed = StandardAtmosphere.getMeanAirParticleSpeed[alt, t, p]
println["Mean air particle speed is: $meanSpeed"]

meanPath = StandardAtmosphere.getMeanFreePath[alt, t, p]
println["Mean free path is: $meanPath"]

meanCollisionFrequency = StandardAtmosphere.getMeanCollisionFrequency[alt, t, p]
println["Mean collision frequency is: $meanCollisionFrequency"]

speedOfSound = StandardAtmosphere.getSpeedOfSound[alt, t, p]
println["Speed of sound is: $speedOfSound"]

dynamicViscosity = StandardAtmosphere.getDynamicViscosity[alt, t, p]
println["Dynamic viscosity is: $dynamicViscosity"]

kinematicViscosity = StandardAtmosphere.getKinematicViscosity[alt, t, p]
println["Kinematic viscosity is: $kinematicViscosity"]

g = new graphics
pt = new polyline
pp = new polyline

for alt = 100 m to 86 km step 100 m
   [t,p] = StandardAtmosphere.getTemperatureAndPressure[alt]
   pt.addPoint[alt/km, -(200 ln[t/K] - 4000)]
//   pp.addPoint[alt/km, -(40 ln[p/(1 atm)])]


Download or view StandardAtmosphereTest.frink in plain text format

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